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Finding a wedding photographer | Atlanta, Georgia

Finding a wedding photographer can be difficult to say the LEAST. Most couples have never been married before so this is all new! Not being sure what is important can make it difficult to know what questions to ask potential wedding photographers. Here are a few questions I recommend you ask any photographer you are interested in booking!

1. Can I see a couple of full wedding galleries? When you look through the galleries notice the consistency in editing. Would you be happy if this was YOUR wedding gallery?  Do they catch candid shots or are they mostly posed? YOU WANT candid photos trust me.

Finding a wedding photographer
2. How many weddings have you shot? NOT how many years they have been shooting. People can shoot 2 weddings a year and not gain much experience.

3. How do you deal with various lighting scenarios on the wedding day? It is a dirty little secret that a lot of wedding photographers SUCK at flash photography. Don’t take this lightly. You want memories captured on the dance floor and in ANY lighting scenario. There are so many lighting scenarios on the wedding day. Natural light photographers do not cut the mustard honey.
4. How do you keep your photos safe.. What is their backup system for photos? This is VERY important! Finding a wedding photography that prioritizes protecting your photos is VERY important.
5. What is your turn around time for your wedding galleries? Also, make sure this is stated in the contract you sign! (you should absolutely have a contract with their COVID policy outlined)Finding a wedding photographer
6.  How many photos do you average per gallery? You think 300 photos is a lot until you see them. It is NOT. Aim for a BARE MINIMUM of 600 average photos in a gallery.
7. How do you guide us/pose us in front of the camera? Make sure they have a specific answer for this. They should be confident in their answer!
8. How do you help us prepare for the wedding? Will you create a photography timeline with us? This is important to make sure the day goes super smooth!

Those are some of the most important questions to ask to help you find a trustworthy wedding photographer! For helpful wedding planning tips check out my facebook

xoxo- Hannah Rita

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