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Posing for your Atlanta Engagement session

5 Posing Tips for your Engagement Session

Most couples are nervous when it comes to their Atlanta engagement session. Getting in front of the camera can be a little intimidating. More than likely you aren’t super models who know exactly what to do with your hands. What if the photographer doesn’t give you a lot of direction? What if you feel awkward and it shows in your photos? Photography is such a huge investment. To make the most of your photography experience. You absolutely need to be comfortable in front of the camera. But HOW? How do you go from feeling anxious about being front in front of the camera to being confident in front of the camera? There are five key components to make sure that you are confident in front of the camera.

#1 Styling your session is a must. If this is an engagement session, make sure to collaborate with your photographer and also seek out inspiration on Pinterest. I recommend you find photos that are reflective of the time of year of your engagement session. Your inspiration photos should be the editing style that your photographer uses. The editing style does change the overall colors and aesthetic of your photos. So making sure that the inspiration board have photos that are similar to your photographer’s will help you know if the color scheme that you have chosen is a winner.

For outfits, we recommend primarily neutral colors with one bolder color (like the maxi dress or a blouse). Avoid patterns, if at all possible, and also avoid bright colors like bright yellow or blue. The reason for this is when you have neutral colors for your engagement session the focus can be on the couple and less on the clothing. Bright colors can also clash with the natural background. Be mindful of the setting when you are styling for your Atlanta Engagement Session.

#2 Make sure to have clear communication with your photographer before your photo session. Are you feeling nervous about some thing? Let them know so that they can prepare ahead of time. They can also pose you with angles that are flattering to your body type. Everyone has insecurities about certain parts of their body, letting your photographer know about these concerns that you have can help them pose you in a way that flatters even your imperfections.

#3 Before hiring your photographer for your Atlanta engagement session, pay close attention to how couples pose in their photography. Do the couples look comfortable? Are they showing real emotion or does it look a bit stuffy? These are questions that not a lot of people think about when they’re hiring their photographer. If the couples look uncomfortable, or they look like they are taking photos for their prom more than likely, they do not feel comfortable at their session. This may be a red flag when you were trying to choose your wedding photographer. Also, check out the reviews that they have online on their Google business profile, not their website. The Knot, WeddingWire, and Zola are all places where people are being verified when they’re leaving a review. Meaning you aren’t getting fake reviews. In the reviews, did they mention how the photographer made them feel? Or do they mention how the photographer posed them?

#4 hire a professional hair and make up artist I cannot stress enough how important this is for your overall self-esteem on your engagement session and also on your wedding day. Having professional hair and make up elevates your overall look, and also is an immediate confident booster. You can also coordinate your hair and make up trial for your wedding day before your engagement session. If you want to have an updo for your wedding, you can always have the stylist create the updo and then let it down for the engagement session. This keeps the hairstyle a secret while also getting your trial in so that you have confidence in your overall look for your wedding day. If you’re not sure where to look for your hair and make up artist reach out to your venue or your photographer, they likely have many vendors to refer you

#5 Practice being in front of the camera! This is something you can do with your iPhone! The more comfortable you are in front of your camera, the more comfortable you will be in front of ours. It also gives you the opportunity to see what angles you love and ones that you don’t. This will help your photographer know how to pose you for your engagement session! Check out this podcast episode founder of Rita Wedding Studio recorded on being Engagement session ready!

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