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Wedding Photography Editing Styles

There are several different wedding photography styles as you may have noticed searching Instagram. Like WOAH! There are a distinct few styles especially in the wedding photography world that stick out. Pinterest is going to be your BFF when wedding planning, now is the time to PIN AWAY. Search for “wedding photography” and pin every wedding photo you really love. You can do this on your lunch break or when you are winding down. After you have pinned for a while, you will start to notice a pattern in the colors and aesthetic you gravitate towards. This will help you narrow down which styles you should look for when you are choosing a wedding photographer.

Bright and Airy 

Some photographers like to shoot bright and airy. This particular style is highly exposed and that basically means is the photos are very very bright. You will see a lot of whites not a lot of contrast and sometimes the details are hard to find. Some people are definitely in love with this style and it tends to be very popular in states that experience a lot of sunshine. For example, you won’t find a bright and airy photographer shooting in Washington. Washington is always cloudy so re-creating that bright and airy look is virtually impossible. You NEED that sunshine! States like Florida is prime for bright and airy photography!


Then there are the dark and moody wedding photography styles. These photographers like the shadows and bringing that exposure down. These images are darker! This particular style is very popular out west and also popular in areas where the sun doesn’t shine too much. This is because the area naturally leans towards darker images because the sun isn’t out. The sun determines what your photos look like and it also determines what your photographers style may be depending on where they live.


A vibrant editing style is common. This style is found all across the United States because sunshine or clouds you can create vibrantly colored images. The only drawback to this is that sometimes the skin colors and tones can look a bit orange or muddy. The photos will have colors that pop and have contrast! If your Pinterest board is very colorful,  you gravitate towards a vibrant editing style.

True to color

You will be able to tell if a photo is true to color by looking at the skin tones! The true to color edit will be a natural skin tone. Not super orange or blue. These are pretty self-explanatory and when you look at them you can see the natural colors. Natural greens, natural skin tones, and overall the color scheme of the wedding day is preserved.  This particular style is what I aim for in all of my wedding galleries.

Why I am a true to color natural editor

There are several reasons that I have switched from being a slightly darker moody photographer to a true to color photographer. I realized that my couples took the time to choose particular color schemes for their wedding and if I edited to a certain style then I was taking away the colors that they had chosen for their wedding day. Also, I realize that I am creating heirlooms for couples to be passed down from generation to generation. And that means that I want to create timeless images that will never go out of style. Because we all know that styles and Aesthetics change from decade to decade. What you thought was cute in high school is not necessarily what you think is cute now is it? Another reason I am a true to color photographer is I like to enhance the colors and skin tonesThe Cotton Mill Event Venue Bride

Bride and Groom Portraits at the Cotton Mill Event Venue

Now you will know when you are looking at different editing styles! The more you know the easier you can decide on what you love!

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